Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kauai Part I

We flew out of Oahu into Kawaii early the next morning. Arrived in Kauai around 9:30, picked up our rental car (mustang convertible) and then went to Kmart to get some alcohol and snacks for our hotel room. We found our hotel very easily (right next to airport). They didn't have a room ready for us so we went to lunch at Duke's (next door to our hotel)... it was pretty good and right on the beach so very nice view!

We killed time until our room was ready and then got dressed for dinner out at Duke's. I ate SOOO much!

The next day we went zip lining. I didn't realize Russ was so nervous about this adventure or that he was afraid of heights but he said he was freaking out. He kept it all internal though, seemed pretty cool on the outside. I thought it was fun, not quite as exhilarating as I thought it would be but fun still. The trees provided kind of a false sense of how high we truly were and I'm not scared of heights so it just seemed like a long swing ride or something.

This is me carrying the camera as I zip lined:

Russ doing the final one:

We were down below eating lunch (so no clue who this is ziplining) but it was a good view of the top zipline... and you can see the others down below in the video as well. Basically we just zig zagged from the top to the bottom over this same area...

After ziplining we went on a drive to see the lighthouse on the north end of the island and stopped at several spots for some great views. We also made a stop at Bubba's Burgers for lunch. The burgers were pretty good and the onion rings were some of the largest I have ever had... and very good.

This is the koi pond in our hotel courtyard. They did a feeding at 9:00 every morning and this was right after one of their feedings.

The day after zip lining we went tubing down the ditches that were originally dug out for the sugar cane plantation. We got to go into five different tunnels which I thought would be scary but they weren't. They were plenty big and in the first four we had headlamps and light. On the last one we turned off our headlamps and went dark which was very cool. At one point in the tunnel it seemed as if you had completely stopped as you had no light for frame of reference and couldn't feel yourself moving. It was fun but we didn't take our cameras so no pictures :(

New Years eve night we went to dinner at Duke's for the second time. It was really good food and had a great salad bar and huge desserts!

Kauai Part II - coming next... our big hike on New Year's Day

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