Friday, January 6, 2012

Pretend like this isn't over two weeks late...

As brief as possible... but updating some great moments so I don't forget:

12/21 -

My alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning for my 5:15 workout class that was BRUTAL. I went from there to daycare dropoff to Reid's hockey clinic, through a drive through for lunch and on to a play date at Leaping Lizards for the oldest two boys. We went from there to the airport to pick up Aunt Courtney and on to another drive through and car picnic for dinner. Courtney and I then took all three boys to Reid's holiday party to ice skate. On the way home we made a pit stop on Metcalf to watch the Christmas lights with music and home at 8:30. A very exhausting, but fulfilling day...

p.s. - I should mention that this was Ross' first time on skates and he loved it! It killed my back but eventually we got him a walker that helped a bit. It was so much fun to see how excited he was though.


On Thursday Courtney arranged and treated us to a sleigh ride on the plaza. The boys loved it and we had a ton of fun. It was chilly but not too cold and we didn't have a line at all so it worked out just perfectly. (Dad was gracious enough to keep Ross at home as we didn't know how long we would have to wait or how cold it would feel on the sleigh. It turned out that I think he would have been fine... but better safe than sorry). This was my favorite picture of the evening:

As if she hadn't spoiled us enough, she then gave the boys some gift cards to eat at Fritz's. We gave them the option of saving the gift cards and just eating somewhere on the plaza but they wanted to go so we went there on the way home. Yummy and fun!


* As far as I can remember we copped out and didn't really do an advent activity this evening. We went up to Grandma Cella's house and we just called that our activity :)


We had our annual Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma Sharp's with all of the boys' cousins (and my sisters). It was a great night. The boys had a great time and really enjoyed the gifts they got from their cousins. Santa showed up at 6:30 to get any last minute requests. I wasn't sure how Ross would react but he loved Santa... this picture is actually his SECOND turn on Santa's lap... didn't want to forget anything.

Reid was kind of the big surprise. He "knew" it wasn't the real Santa and he had no interest in sitting on his lap. We tracked Santa on our iPad, checked Santa's naughty and nice list and then headed on back to OP to wait for Santa to visit our house. When we got home we whipped up some breakfast casserole for the morning and some cookies from Santa (I was so unprepared - must do better next year). The boys actually went to bed and stayed in bed (first Christmas Eve that I can remember).

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