Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2

1/9 - 1/15

** Started the week off with boy scouts on Monday night. Reid got to throw a pie in a leader's face for being the 5th top sales guy on popcorn.... Sorry Jay Donley!

** The weather this week was fabulous... 50s, 60s. Just amazing for January. The boys and I spent some time outside in jackets doing some sidewalk chalk.

** Ryan and Ross' daycare e-mails out a daily sheet almost every day for their classroom. I love getting them and seeing how their day went, etc. This picture was on Ross' daily sheet one day last week and I HAD to ask the teacher to send it to me. His quote on the sheet was "I'm a princess."

** Ryan had his first Learn to Play Hockey class on Saturday. He did great, lasted the whole 45 minutes! Reid wants to skate out in the spring season so he's actually going to start taking the class with Ryan next Saturday.

** Reid started complaining at Ryan's skating that he had a headache and then complained as we were leaving for his own game Saturday night that he didn't feel good. He completely bombed! Had no energy, didn't try, looked miserable. We weren't sure what was going on. On the way home from his game he completely passed out in the car (which never happens) but then denied that he fell asleep. Surprise, surprise Reid... of course we took a picture! :)

** Sunday was an easy day for us. Reid still complained that he didn't feel good so we made him rest in his room or on the couch most of the day. Ryan had a birthday party but it was two hours and parents didn't have to stay so I took Ross and got my car washed and ran some errands.

Hmmm.. what else happened Sunday? Oh yeah, Russ beat the number one team in men's league hockey. He was pretty pumped. The game went to a shoot out and he stopped all of those shots. He's been playing real well lately. I wouldn't know as I don't go watch like I used to... it's just too hard with all three of the boys and Russ' games being so late.

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