Monday, January 9, 2012


We flew out to Oahu on Tuesday morning and arrived around 3:30 Hawaii time (7:30 our time). It was a long day of flying but we downloaded a whole previous season of Survivor and never really got bored. Our bottoms got sore... very sore... but we were entertained.

After such a long day of doing nothing we just checked into our hotel, found dinner (Cheeseburger in Paradise - pretty good), and then went to bed.

Wednesday morning we had a 6:30a.m. bus tour. The time actually wasn't that bad given that it was 10:30 a.m. for our bodies.

First stop - Pearl Harbor.

We had some free time before we actually went out to see the Arizona and the memorial so Russ spent some time looking at stuff and doing the Tebow pose:

Pear Harbor was neat. I can now say that I've been there and seen it... but I said if I ever get to go back to Hawaii I could skip this part and just go straight to the beach :) I tried my best to be a good wife and act interested most of the day... when I wasn't picking up flowers and sticking them in my hair or texting Catherine ;)

Not the greatest picture but we didn't get a lot of the two of us together since that requires always asking total strangers to take your picture.

Second stop: U.S.S. Missouri

Here Russ was playing with a big gun. 50 something... I don't know... but he was having fun. If you like history, this blog post would probably be written much better by Russ :)

Third stop - Punchbowl Cemetery
I was really tired on the way to the cemetery and actually dozed off on the bus for a few minutes. The cemetery had a large hill that we climbed up and looked out on - that was pretty. They also had maps of each of the battles of WWII and surprisingly, I actually found that portion of the tour pretty interesting for a while... but it did get long. Russ liked pointing out all of the facts that the tour guide had wrong. I think they got the majority of them right but they certainly made some up here and there.

And that my friends is how a non-history lover takes a 9 hour bus tour and summarizes it in one blog post.

That night we went back to the hotel - HUNGRY - we'd only eaten a bagel breakfast and then two hot dogs all day. We got back around 3:30 and went and sat by the beach for a while (which seemed like and eternity) waiting for the restaurant by our hotel to open at 5:00 for the all you can eat prime rib buffet... we should have went back to the Cheeseburger in Paradise place we ate at the night before. It was okay... but wasn't worth their price tag.

I promise this won't be all complaining... we had a great time... more fun and details in later posts.

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