Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday... Wednesday

It's been a while since I gave some McDowell updates so I thought I'd do my best today... er, yesterday. Yeah, I started this post on Tuesday and then had an issue blow up at work.

1. My new job has gotten quite busy. I'm still blessed with a ton of flexibility though so I'm not complaining. I work from home 90% of the time. I am able to run the dishwasher, do laundry, squeeze workouts in... and still work longer hours than I'd be able to if I had to commute to the office.

2. We're starting an allowance with Reid this Friday and going to get him his own savings account. We haven't decided the criteria or amount yet... any suggestions? Reid has now read ALL of the Diary of a Wimpy kid books except for the 6th one. The waitlist at the library is HUGE so I'm thinking that's something he can work on saving his money up for.

3. Ryan has kindergarten round up on 3/2. He's doing SOO well at school this year. He loves to write and draw and is starting to sound out words. He is doing pretty good on his sight words and loves to read books before bed. We've actually decided to keep him in "school" (his daycare) over the summer to keep up with his routine since he's doing so well. He's been at home the last three summers but I think he'll really like school too - they do a lot of field trips and splash days over the summer.

4. Ross... ugh, Ross. He's a challenge most days. Tonight we were debating whether we thought two or three would be more rough with him. He is Mr. Independent, wants to do EVERYTHING by himself and screams and throws fits when he doesn't get his way. He also hits and bites. Doesn't he sound like a joy? He's actually starting to get that we're not going to put up with it (I think)... after a few consistent trips to the time out room he usually improves... usually.

5. The big boys are all registered for spring sports. Reid chose to try flag football (he's been begging for a couple of years) and Ryan chose basketball (it's 3 on 3 for 4 and 5 year olds). They are also both going to do spring hockey (Reid is skating out). We're not positive what rink they are going to skate at yet. We're thinking Ryan at KCIC (Shawnee) and Reid at IEC (Independence) but we're waiting for them to release their season details.

6. The spring race schedule is SET! I have four half marathons this spring (4/14, 4/22, 5/12, and 6/2). Russ and I are also doing our 8 hour adventure race on 5/5 in Smithville again this year. Along with our adventure race, Russ is planning an obstacle run on 3/31. The weather has been gorgeous lately so I've been able to get several good long runs in - two 10 miler's already. I hope February is just as nice to us.

7. I broke up with about five of my "shows" this winter... it's actually been very freeing and nice. I even find on the nights that I have time to sit down and watch a show (like tonight - Russ took the boys to the basement to play) there is nothing on my dvr and nothing on tv that I even want to watch.

8. I just finished reading "The Devil in Pew Number 7." I highly recommend it... true story, good book.

9. I've done a decent job of staying up with my project life, weekly documenting for 2012 but I don't have any pictures today as I got a new phone today and all of my pictures from the last week are on my old phone. I got an iPhone 4S, essentially for free :)

10. Today is February 1.... it's going to be a LONG month. I threw down the gauntlet and challenged Russ that I could go ALL month without sweets. No chocolate, candy, Orange Leaf...Yikes! Of course we had Orange Leaf last night to get my last fix in :) Wish me luck! I survived day one :)

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