Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Hike at Lake Lenexa

A few months ago I was out on a long run and did some miles around Lake Lenexa.  I'd never been there before and after 6-7 miles of pavement, I really enjoyed the dirt trails around the lake.  I'd been saying that I wanted to get out there with the family to show them the area.

Last week I received a free pair of new trail shoes and I was really wanting to try them out.  We took the family out for a hike at Lake Lenexa.

Pretty new shoes... thanks Mizuno!
The boys were less than thrilled to go out hiking.  When we got out there and they saw the area it didn't take long until they got into the excursion.

View of the lake
The day was a lot of fun.  We did some hiking on the paved trails and then we cut across a road to some dirt trails.  Ross was obviously pretty slow.  We let him walk quite a bit of it at least for the first couple of miles  We think we went about three miles total and we probably carried him for about a mile.

Mom was being silly and "hiding" behind a tree to scare Russ and Ross

My big boy - his short little legs kept up for quite a while.
Once we got to the damn, we hung out for a few minutes to read the signs, look around, and take a picture or two.  Then it was time to finish up the trail around the lake to get back to our car.

When we finished we gave the boys some time to play on the playground.

This is the boy that didn't want to go... guess he had fun after all :)
This rock structure was one "end" of the play set.  Reid and Ross were playing on it so we had Ryan jump up there for a picture too:

We were discussing the Hostess bankruptcy and the end of twinkies on our hike and the boys didn't know what twinkies were.  We decided to stop on the way home and get a box for a snack.  I mean, seriously, what goes better with a 3 mile hike than a box of twinkies, right?   We stopped at a grocery store to grab some and were shocked that the aisle was EMPTY.

WOW... it's the apocalypse!
By the time we were pulling into the neighborhood, Ross was DONE!  I took him out of the van and put him on the couch at home and he slept for almost two hours.

It was such a fun day and some great exercise!  We were all wiped out on Sunday evening and ready for an early bedtime.

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