Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trick or Treat

Ok, it's November 13th (how did that happen?) so I think I'm going to wrap up the October posts.  I'll keep it brief since it's all but history now... but I do want to capture the pictures and remember a little bit.

* We landed in KC around 1:10 and headed home for a quick shower and dash out of the house.  Russ went to meet Grandpa Jerry to pick up Ross and I went to the boys' schools for their Halloween parade and party.

This was Ryan during the parade when he first saw me - the boys had no idea whether we would be home that day or not (until I was ON a plane, I wasn't either)

I missed Reid in the parade but I caught him in the hallway going to his party 
* After the class parties the boys and I went to the grocery store to pick up some sides and the liquor store to pick up some treats and some thank you's for some neighbors.  When Russ & Ross got home we went right over to our neighbor's house for dinner.

* We had some chicken nuggets, chips and fruit with our neighbors before heading out for trick or treating.

This was the best picture I could capture of the three of them

Ross and Charlie (the pirate) in their pirate ship
* We tried to stay as a group for a while but the older two boys were just too fast so Russ took off with them.  Ross was slowly getting in and out of the pirate ship and up and down driveways.  He had to ask at every house if they had a dog or not.  On the houses that just had their candy sitting on the front porch he had a hard time sticking to the "one piece" rule.  Eventually Ross and I separated and went to find the older boys and dad.  We did and then finished trick or treating around our neighborhood with them.  We had a great time.  All of the boys really enjoyed it and I'm glad I had went with them and just left our candy sitting out.

I RARELY drink but for some reason I usually do on Halloween.  It's a CRAZY night so I think it helps me to relax a little. This stuff is good!  I still haven't finished this bottle off but I'm thinking maybe on New Year's Eve... or maybe on my birthday next year :)
The morning after.  Halloween was on a school night - never as much fun... but Ross' school had pajama day the next day - PURE GENIUS is what I said!!!

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