Monday, November 26, 2012

Random Ramblings

I can't seem to stream together one logical blog post today and I have several small updates so we're going bullet point style here.

* Ross found this sticker in my scrapbook stuff and wanted to wear it.  If you can't tell, it says "Big Brother".  Yes, I let him wear it and NO we do not have an announcement or any plans for announcements.  Yes, I let him wear it out in public to the hockey rink and dad's face when he saw it was priceless :)

I'm a Big Brother sticker
* I got to spend some quality time with my adorable niece this weekend.  She says "Carmen", she loves me, I'm her favorite aunt.  Enough said :)

* We came home early from my mom's house on Sunday so I could get a run in with a friend.  I picked the hilliest course we ever run because I felt like I needed the "punishment" after eating non stop for four days.  There is one killer hill that we call "El Diablo" and then many other hills as well.  I pulled up the elevation just to feel all "BA".  The picture made me laugh more than anything.  Somehow, this FEELS a lot worse than it looks.

Yeah, you're not impressed either are you?
* I made an impulse buy at Target while trying to find candy canes.  Ross loves candy canes.  I never found them and he forgot... but this stuff erased any gains I made by running those 8 hilly miles:

What's that babe?  You didn't see any left in the house.  Oh, I'm sure it's there.  I would NEVER eat an ENTIRE bag of popcorn in one night... not me! The "other" Carmen did it.
* The "other" Carmen did it is an inside joke but one that I'll have to remember in the future to taunt Ross with.  On Sunday he pooped on the bathroom floor.  He finished on the toilet but I came in and found some poop on his bathroom floor.  I asked him why he did that and he told me that he didn't the "other" Ross did it.

* While playing around with my Garmin and downloading my relatively "flat" run... I noticed that Garmin now keeps track of your Personal Records.  Funny that my half marathon PR is a faster pace than my 10K PR.  I've only ran three 10Ks ever.  This PR was from the plaza day 10K this September which happened to be the day after I ran a 20 mile training run.  So, I'm pretty confident I could do better.  I don't run many 5Ks at all and I'm also confident I could beat that time.  Which led me to proclaim to Russ that I was going to make FOUR new personal records next year.  That's right - my goal for 2013 is set - all four of these times are going to be crushed!!

* Last, but certainly not least... Reid has had a few health problems lately. I'm not trying to minimize them but I'm also doing my best not to freak out (have we met?).  Last week he started having chest pains at school and went to the school nurse.  His heart rate was in the 140s for almost 40 minutes.  It eventually went down to 120 but stayed around there.  I called our dr and he worked us in that day.  It was still pretty high when we were there so they did an EKG and consulted a cardiologist whom we now have an appointment with this week.  The EKG looked normal and he's not really had any other problems (besides grouchiness and extreme fatigue) so we're hoping it was just a fluke.  Regardless, keeping him in your prayers would be appreciated.

He was NOT very happy with me for taking this picture and he told me not to put it on the internet... so NO ONE is to mention to him that they saw it here! 

Luckily I had picked up Mr Goodcents and had it in the car.  Reid ate as we waited for the cardiologist to call back.  Dr Moore was SOOO nice and kept checking in with us like every 3 minutes apologizing for the wait.  He even brought us in some bottled water since I had only gotten Reid chips and a sandwich.

This was during one of Reid's MANY naps over break.  I can't remember him ever sleeping as much as he has been lately.

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