Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom of the Year Award... slipping away

I thought I'd post some of my "finer" moments of the last week to make mother's everywhere feel better:

1. When I returned from my trip to DC Ross had gunk coming out of his eyes and they were matting when he slept. I picked him up from grandma's and took him to a walk-in clinic when we got back to Kansas City. Typically if I can't get into my doctor's office and it is "urgent" then I go to the Urgent Care at Children's Mercy (love that place!) I really didn't think this gunk could be deemed as urgent and it was mid-day so we just went to the walk in clinic. I filled out all of the paperwork since this was our first visit and waited to be called. When she called us up she asked if he had ever been seen anywhere in the Olathe medical system before. I told her that he was born there and our regular pediatrician is there. She couldn't find us in the system so she went to try another way. She was looking him up by his birthday which I had marked down as 10-26-09 which I was SURE was his birthday. She ended up finding him but his birthday was filed as 10-24-09. Hmmm... maybe that was right. Quick call to Grandma... yep - she was right. I had his
birthday wrong! And I swear I have been saying 10-26 for months! OOPS! (Sorry Ross!)

2. Later in the week I picked up Ryan from daycare and we got in the car. He puts on his seatbelt himself but I typically glance to ensure that he got it on. Apparently on this day I didn't look as we were almost home when I realized that he was sound asleep, sideways in his seat with no seat belt on. oops!

p.s. - notice the hole in his knee? This kid has a hole in almost every pair of pants that he owns now! When I say this kid is rough and energetic I am not exaggerating.

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