Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Over the last week...

1. I ran 15 miles in a non-group setting! As in, I totally mapped out the course and made myself get out and do it. I dropped the kids off at daycare, parked the car and then ran home (7.5 miles). I had a friend meet me at home. I grabbed a drink and we ran back to my car (7.5 miles). I'm VERY glad that I had her for the second half of the run. It was to be a 16 mile run but the course that I had mapped out had a BRUTAL hill and I took it out by running through a Price Chopper parking lot and cutting off a half mile. I'm still counting it a success!

2. I ran solo on Friday because we went to Omaha for the weekend. We went down to watch Hockey Ross' team play for a birth into Central Districts. They were VERY physical games but the Stover team dominated. We stayed at the Coco Key Water Resort. The water park was fun for the oldest two boys. Ross didn't seem real thrilled with it. Hotels are still very thrilling for all of the boys so we had a lot of fun. Russ and I are willing to pay a little extra for convenience so we had a two room suite which allowed us to have our own room and the boys to still get to bed at a decent time. All three boys slept great, except for a small throw up situation on Saturday night with Reid. I believe he coughed too hard but he didn't mention to me that he didn't make it to the bathroom so I found it Sunday when I stepped in it... nice! I covered it up with hotel hand towels in my best 'Big Daddy' moment of the weekend.
* This picture is from the breakfast buffet at Omaha. Adults were $12 and kids were free. Russ had went to watch a hockey game so I took all three boys - we got our $12 worth!!

3. We came back from Omaha and Ross dropped at the top of the stairs. I thought he was just tired, unfortunately he was getting sick. He was miserable Sunday evening and all day Monday. He laid around not wanting to do much most of the day. We went to the dr and he tested negative for the flu... so unfortunately it was just a virus that they couldn't do anything for.

* These were Ross at the top of the stairs, almost asleep as soon as we got home from Omaha.

* I took this from my lap sometime on Monday... this is how he spent most of his day after sleeping 14 hours that night and napping an hour and a half Sunday evening :(

4. I stayed home with Ryan and Ross on Mon, Tues, and Wed morning. Ross was better on Tuesday and I wasn't feeling real well so that was a long, hard day!! Our daycare lady had a dr appt on Wed morning so we couldn't drop off until 11. You better believe that I was in her driveway waiting for her when she got home :)

* Feeling MUCH better on Tuesday. His favorite activity was climbing up and sitting on top of the kitchen table. The second picture was when I told him he couldn't be up there.

5. I didn't weigh in this morning since I was at home. I weighed in this afternoon up 1.6 pounds but that was after breakfast and a large Starbucks hot chocolate that I was getting regardless! I'm considering myself flat and pretty proud of that given that we ate crap all weekend and I have not worked out since my 15 miler.

6. Ryan has been REALLY good lately. I hope we're not jinxing it as Russ and I have talked about it a couple of times now but the whiney phases seem to be coming further and further apart and he's really maturing a lot. He even let me take his picture this morning:

My phone has become my main camera as of late. (I love my new phone!)

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