Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some Updated Pics

I've not had my camera out much in the last couple of weeks. We have been BUSY (I know, typical excuse). I did get a new phone which takes "decent enough" pictures and I have snapped a few here and there. I took these pictures on Sunday after one of Hockey Ross' games while we were waiting for him to shower and come out after his game. His parents had just left for the long 13 hour drive back to Dickinson, ND that morning so I snapped some pics to send to his mom.

Reid got this sweatshirt for Christmas from Hockey Ross' family. He wore it all day Sunday... but with the hood up all day - he's such a clown!

Speaking of clowns... I told this one to pose for a picture for Simin (Ross' mom).

Ross was all over the place. The hockey game was insanely good so I made Ross sit still with me so by the time the game was over he was ready to be on the move!

Side note - if you are ever stuck on a long drive and are bored... I have a TON of great ways to entertain people - just ask Courtney. I make up all kinds of entertaining texts, pictures, phone calls!

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