Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More on our goodbye

Hockey Ross is leaving Wednesday morning. We grilled out last night, played soccer and baseball in the backyard and then played some Monopoly Deal (one of our favorite things to do). We had a really, really great night. We're going to have some barbecue tonight and then Reid has hockey practice so we knew we wouldn't have much time together tonight.This morning when I woke Ryan up for daycare I told him that tonight was our last night with Hockey Ross because he's leaving tomorrow. Ryan says, "And then we get Ovechkin?" (note for my mom - Ovechkin is like the best player in the NHL). I don't know where he got that idea but apparently the only obvious "replacement" for Hockey Ross would be Ovechkin, right?

We've told both of the big boys that Ross is leaving. I'm not sure they "really" get it but I know they will notice the difference once he's gone. Baby Ross is in that stage of saying new words every day and repeating every sound. Yesterday as I was picking up our mail at the end of the cul-de-sac Ross got home from playing softball. As his car pulled up I said... "oh, there's Hockey Ross" and Baby Ross repeated 'Hockey Ross'... both words, not many consonants. I tried all night to get him to repeat it again but he didn't.

Edited to add pics. Due to a North Dakota blizzard we actually got to keep Ross one more night and he left Thursday morning. That allowed us to have one more Wednesday night Survivor night as a family. Here are some pics that we took in the morning when he left. Unfortunately Ryan didn't want his picture taken so we didn't push (it was early morning). And I swear I am not that short... we're on a hill - I should have stood on the other side of Ross :)

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