Monday, March 21, 2011

A tough post...

We're saying good-bye to Hockey Ross very soon. It is becoming so apparent that the end is near! TOUGH does not even begin to describe it. Ross has been in our house for two years now. The boys expect him to come home every evening. I count on him for SOOO much. He and Russ are so close. He and the boys are so close. I can't even describe it.

Ross has done so much for our family...

* He was the one we woke up at 3 in the morning when I went into labor with baby Ross.
* He's always there to play knee hockey or wrestle around with the boys.
* He ALWAYS (still) thanks me for dinner.
* He notices things need done and he just does them (brings up trash cans, shovels the drive, picks up dishes, etc)

Ross has faced some serious adversity while staying with us. He made tough choices. His team has had a lot of bad news, tough breaks, long roads.... and Ross has faced it all very maturely. He is wise beyond his years and he is such a great guy.

Ross has been such a great example to the boys. I have NEVER heard Ross say an ill word towards or about someone else. He is so respectable of others and their feelings. He is not one to complain at all.

These pictures were just some I took on my phone on a random night last week. Many nights after dinner while I clean up the kitchen Ross goes out to the living room and wrestles around with the boys. On this night they were very silly and hyper and jumping all over him (and Russ). And while these aren't the greatest photos ever taken, they just make me smile. They remind me of the times we all just sat around and played with the boys.

The one thing we have always enjoyed about housing hockey players is when they take a true interest in our boys. We don't house just to be a hotel or supply a room and food. We feel like we get so much out of this adventure as the player does. We love when the players take the time to really take interest in the boys and play around with them. Ross always asks the boys about their interests. He not only follows Reid's hockey but he asks him about school, boy scouts, anything that he may be doing. He let's Ryan come down on the couch and sit RIGHT beside him in the basement whenever he wants. He keeps an eye on Ross when I'm busy or distracted and he's going for an outlet, climbing out of his high chair, etc.

He inspired us to name our third little guy Ross... (well, it sounded pretty good with Reid and Ryan)

There may not be anyone following the North American Draft closer than myself come May. While I know that Ross would love to play for the Bobcats in Bismarck (and I would be happy for him)... I've got my hopes set on Topeka or St Louis!

Hockey Ross - you will ALWAYS be a part of our family and always welcome in our home. We are going to miss you greatly. WE LOVE YOU!

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