Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys

Right before we left Holton Ross took a fall off of the little jungle gym at my mom's house.  I thought he had hit the back of his head before we got in the car and he wanted an ice pack for his forehead.  We drove home the 90 minutes and when we got home he had little rock indentions all over his forehead.  By the next morning he looked like this:

Rock scratches on forehead
 Then as Reid and I were heading out on an errand after school Monday before picking up the little two I received a call from daycare that Ryan had hurt his eye.  They were building a structure out of PVC pipes and one kid started shaking one and it fell and hit Ryan, cutting him on the eyelid.  It had busted open and bled and the daycare was afraid he might need glue to close the wound.  We swung by and picked him up and went to the walk in clinic.  By the time we saw the doctor the gash had closed up from him just opening his eye.  The cut was right on the crease of the eyelid.  They cleaned it up real well and did a vision test on him, checked the bone around the eye and said he'd be fine, just might swell up a little bit.

This was in the waiting room of the walk-in clinic
It was a little swollen when he woke up this morning and he has a bit of a head cold so I let him whine and talk me into a stay at home day.  He has entertained himself really well, except for when I had a contractor here measuring to give me a bid for the office remodel.  Mostly he has just played by himself all morning and it hasn't bothered him at all.
This was the morning after (Tuesday morning)
I do think he's going to end up with a bit of a shiner but other than that, he seems fine to me.  One minor incident for a family with three energetic boys... I'm sure we will have much worse to come.

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