Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did I say this was short?

In an effort to keep up my blogging habit, I have a short update today on my latest adventure.  Today, I went legit trail running for the first time.  I got invited on an 8 mile run.  I started freaking out about 3 miles in that I wasn't going to make it 1) without dying or 2) in time to get home to join a work conference call.  I had calculated based upon my road running times that I had plenty of time to get 8 in.  I forgot that on trails the pace is much slower.  It was humid and 77 when we ran and I was the only one of four without either a camelbak or handheld water bottle (certainly need to invest in one of those if I do this again!)  Within 0.5 miles of starting we crossed a baby fawn laying right on the side of the trail and she started squealing when she saw us.  Here came the mama doe to rescue her and we took off.  I'd never seen a baby deer that small - it was pretty cool.

I thought I was going along running pretty good... We were single file and I was 2nd in our group of 4 and felt like I was keeping pace pretty well.  Somewhere around mile 4 we were on a flat, non-technical part of the trail and I relaxed from my constant staring at the ground and tripped and wiped out... scratched up my knee and got pretty dirty all down my one side.  A true trail runner already :)

At mile 5.5 we crossed an access road that would take me about 0.5 miles up the road to my car and I took it.  I think I could have finished but I was certainly slowing down and not picking up my feet as well as I had.  And in hindsight, I have had a headache all day today because I'm very dehydrated so I probably made the right call for my first attempt.  I can tell that my legs are going to be pretty sore tomorrow.  Trail running certainly uses more stabilizing leg and core muscles than road running... and I love the wiped out feeling!!

I had Reid take my dirty picture when I got home:

He said he didn't need to see my face cause it wasn't dirty.... notice the dirt all over my leg?
Oh yeah - who's the doofus that wears a white shirt on their first trail run... This girl.

My diet update:
I'm happy to say I've had A LOT of these:

A typical lunch
And a lot of this:
Not sure what this face is but this was me after my workout with Dina on Wednesday - it was brutal.
And I am down 7.6 pounds since last Monday.  Apparently I was eating a lot of carbs and snacking too much... who knew?  Oh, everyone but me?  :)  Anyway, certainly enjoying the success and using it to push me for more.  Would love to lose 10 more pounds and then I think I'd be happy... I hope!

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