Monday, May 28, 2012

What a FULL weekend!

Our typical weekends are full of sports, activities, errands, etc.  This THREE day weekend was FULL of fun!

We had lots of bike riding!!!  Ryan learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  We spent about 20 minutes practicing Friday night and by Saturday Ryan was ready to go on his own.  He can't quite get balanced enough to start on his own but as long as we hold the bike for him to start, he's off and going solo.  He can go up and down driveways and is getting better riding in a straight line so he can stay on the sidewalk.

Reid was slightly jealous that I was videoing Ryan and giving him the attention and really wanted on camera too.  So, here's Reid riding (and showing off) on his new bike:

And Ross actually did not want me videoing him riding his bike.  Every time he caught me trying to take a video he stopped his bike and told me no.  So... here's what I did get before he caught me:

We were able to pack in so much fun this weekend.  We made trips to the neighborhood pool all three days, we had a neighborhood cookout Sunday night, I got two great runs in, we played outside for HOURS, and we had ice cream with neighbors tonight.  Saturday morning I met Suzanne and my neighbor Lori for 10 miles.  It was pretty warm but I was feeling pretty good until around mile 7.  At mile 8 I called Russ and he swung me by some cold water... exactly what I needed for 2 more miles :)  Then this morning I met Lori again and another neighbor Tina for 4 quicker miles.  

I'm caught up on laundry, I've got the boys' bag packed for our trip this week to South Dakota, and I've got my lists made to finish getting ready for our trip.  I'm not real excited about working this week but at least it's only two days!!  The boys are starting with the summer nanny tomorrow as well.  Anyway, I'm rambling and failing to find the words to explain what a great weekend we had.  Hope you enjoyed the videos!

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