Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting back on track... hopefully

I know, I have been a very bad blogger.  I'm going to try and do some short blogs this week to see if it gets me back into the blogging mood.  Tonight I'm going to start with updates on ME :)

1 - I'm on day 3 of a new diet... tied closely off of phase 1 south beach diet but since I haven't really studied south beach diet I'm just doing it my way.  So far, so good.  My goal is to stick with it for 14 days.

2 - I've finished my spring races.  I ran 4 half marathons and competed in the Smithville 8 hour adventure race with Russ.  Now I'm just going to try and maintain my base until I start marathon training in June.  I'm actually ready to have a schedule and be marathon focused again!
Running the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon - missed my PR by 3 seconds... that hurt!  Next year it will be mine!

This is Russ and I carrying our canoe into the water at Smithville - those things are NOT light and we had to carry it down a big hill and then back UP that hill after we had canoed for 5 miles!

3 - I found this sign on a random runner blog.  This is SOOO me... I love it!
I swoon... over the training schedule, not the guy ;)

4 - Russ has agreed to remodel the office so we can have dual workstations.  I'm hoping the bids come in reasonable so we can afford to do it now.  Here's the "inspiration" picture that we're working off of.

Top cabinets will be open... we'll see - measuring and planning still to come.
5 - Blogger has updated it's format since the last time I blogged and it's SOOO much easier to add pictures now - YEAH!  This might just get me back into regular blogging now.

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