Monday, January 7, 2013

Instagram fun

I'm having a lot of fun with Instagram lately.  It takes regular boring pictures and makes them look so much better with filters.  I'm thinking there are going to be a lot more Instagram pictures in my Project Life album in 2013 if I ever get time to scrapbook again.

Here's a few I have posted lately:

Ross at Sam's Club.  I had to wake him up from a very short nap (late in the day) so I could go and so he would sleep that night.  I don't think he was ready to be up yet.

Chores! The boys have unloaded the dishwasher for a while but now they are learning how to load it as well - exciting times!! Now if I could get them to do it without being asked or reminded :)

Ice Cream - old picture from when I had strep throat but I like the Instagram  look of it.

I made pumpkin bread with chocolate chips this weekend - very BAD decision.

I think I used too many chocolate chips but it was soooo good!

1 comment:

Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian said...

Can there ever really be too many chocolate chips? :)

Also, ugh strep throat is the worst. I used to get it a lot and it's always completely miserable.