Monday, January 14, 2013

Making Progress

Remember this catastrophe:

I bought an armoire off of Craigslist this weekend.  Russ, Ross and I went to pick it up yesterday and then our neighbor helped Russ carry it in.  That thing is SOLID wood and HEAVY.. .well, that's what the guys said.  I didn't lift a finger :)  It had been stored in a garage so I spent quite a bit of time cleaning it up.  The doors didn't shut just right so Russ got out his drill and fixed that for me and now I have this:

The short little black thing to the left of the armoire will go away when I get a desk with a drawer

If you look real close, there is still a rubber maid under the armoire too, that's a project in the works that hopefully will be able to be removed in the very near future as well.

Still a few things to clean up, etc.  And I still need to get a proper desk and my mac computer but my space is coming along.. progress baby!  I'm very happy with the armoire and I'm very motivated to get some of my scrapbooking caught up!

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