Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So... you know how everyone's life always looks so sweet and perfect on facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc?  Well, of course most people only post the 'good' pictures.  I, too, have been guilty of moving a pile of papers to the side of my island or a bunch of dirty dishes from the countertops to get a picture that gives the illusion that my house is clean and I have my act together.

And in many instances I do... but I'm here to tell you that I have SEVERAL trouble areas in my house and I'm going to start tackling them.  Usually when I do a 'bigger' project I look back a of and wish I would have taken a before picture.  So... consider these my horrible, before pictures of some areas that I am going to tackle SOON (or sometime in the next 3-4 months).

1.  My linen closet.  This has been a disaster for YEARS, literally.  I have many, many things in here that I need to donate or trash.  Once I de-clutter this disaster than it should be easier to organize.  Those piles outside the closet, those are from laundry today and I just haven't 'crammed' them in there yet.

BEFORE - I can't wait for time to create the AFTER

2.  My office/scrapbooking area.  Last year I had the grand idea to redo our office into a dual workspace area.  I still REALLY would love to do this but it's not in the budget this year.  I don't think Russ was overly excited at the prospect of sharing his sanctuary with me anyway so I'm going to table the idea and fix up my area so that I can enjoy it.  [Sidenote - I can't relax in cluttered areas.  My work desk is completely clean.  If I want to run on my treadmill I have to make our bed and put away visible laundry first.  Issues?  Yes, I know]  Anyway, our sitting area of our master is my space and it's a cluttered mess with a lousy card table for a desk.  I don't have my own computer (my other sob story) besides my work laptop and I just have no functioning area.  I'm going to fix that!

BEFORE - see the crap along the wall... my scrapbooking stuff.  See all the storage possibilities in my ever so functional card table and comfortable chair... UGH... A plan in progress SOON!

This is MY work desk.  I know because that's my clock and that's my mouse pad that says 'Runner Girl' so it's personalized.  I think I go minimal at work so when they tell me to get a box, it won't take me long.  Plus I sit across from the worst hoarder ever.  Apparently she "likes" pens and pencils and started collecting them when everyone was getting let go... it's not even funny.

3.  Our pantry.  My main plan here is that I'm going to put some overflow and lesser used items (that Blizzard Maker.. yeah, I'd rather take them to Dairy Queen) down to the basement in storage once I get it set up.  Yes, technically my storage room is the BIGGEST project ever and will impact some of these projects but I didn't want to go down there and get a before picture.  I'll try and do that before I start that project.  The one I'm NOT looking forward to.  In the meantime, the pantry in it's current state:

I know where everything is... I swear :)
Stay tuned... but don't hold your breath... These are not projects real conducive to entertaining three busy little boys... but I WILL get them done eventually!

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