Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just a quick update

I'm trying to post more regularly so I thought I'd put a few updates out here.

* We went to Cedar Rapids, IA for the weekend.  Great trip, great experience.  Full recap coming this week after I can steal the hubby's phone as the majority of our photos he took.  Here's a sneak peek - parenting at it's finest:

I can't even look at this without cracking up.  So many possible captions!  In actuality, they were having a lot of fun.  I can't remember what started the teasing but they were playing and getting each other so I grabbed my camera right as Russ put Ryan in a headlock.  His face is just priceless.  LOVE this picture!

* For those of you on the edge of your seats... I bought my Mac computer.  I have seriously wanted one for the last three years and I'm beyond giddy that it's on the way.  FedEx tracking says that it will be here THIS Thursday.  LOTS of scrapbook catch up to do and it's going to make it so much easier!

* In case I haven't seen you in person, you don't read my daily mile updates or somehow you've been spared my complaining... I am SICK of the cold.  We've been running through this weather and I am just done with putting on 2-3 layers to go run 4 miles.  DONE.  It's actually making the dreadmill treadmill more appealing   That and Courtney and Catherine finally convinced me to watch Scandal and I love it.  I broke up with a ton of shows last year and I REALLY didn't want to get hooked on another.  I love not being tied to the tv.  So, I decided I can only watch Scandal if I'm on the treadmill.  It helped on Saturday.  While we were in Cedar Rapids I managed to run 8 miles on the hotel treadmill in their itty bitty fitness center that had the thermostat stuck on 84 degrees.  Is it really too much to ask for a nice 65 degree day with no wind?

* I started a journal/notebook with Reid last night.  Yes, I saw the idea on pinterest but I thought it would be fun.  I wrote him a note and told him he could write back whenever and we'll just leave it on each other's beds.  He immediately wrote in it last night and loved the idea.  Sweet kid!

Translation: Thank you for getting this notebook. I don't really know what to write but thanks for commenting my effort and I love you too.  Reid + Mom
* Oh, and those looking for an update on those other projects (linen closet, pantry, the dreaded basement storage room)... yeah, those haven't started.  I said MONTHS and it will probably take MONTHS to get them all done.  But they are in my head.  I have been planning ahead and getting more organized with meals. We have an entire week of meals planned this week and I made my grocery list from it and the hubs went grocery shopping off of it and saved us a TON of money.  I tend to buy more here and there- he sticks to the list.  (Except for the full size candy bars that he continues to give our kids!)  Anyway, I have the ENTIRE month of February meals planned out already!  It's going to be SOOO much easier.  It's a trial but I think it's going to work!

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