Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cedar Rapids Hockey Tournament

So, I promised a full recap of our Cedar Rapids weekend. WARNING - this is LONG.

A few months ago Reid tried out for a "select" hockey team and did not make the team (we had already told him ahead of time that he would not but he wanted to try so we let him).  After tryouts there were enough boys interested that didn't make the team to form a second team and play down a division on a few weekends to get some tournament experience.  So, they played last weekend in Cedar Rapids, IA, they are playing a few games in Arkansas in a couple of weeks and they will play in Omaha, NE on March 1 - 3.

Anyway, Grandma Cella offered to watch Ross (I'm not sure a 5 hour drive would be as much 'fun' with him along) and the rest of us headed up to Cedar Rapids on Friday.  The boys were thrilled that I had excused them out of school an hour early and we were on the road by 3:00.  We made good time and were in our hotel shortly after 8:00.  It took the boys a while to wind down but we were asleep by 10ish.  I got up on Saturday and hit the hotel gym - 8 miles... on a treadmill... but so thankful to have my run in for the weekend and not have to worry about it.

Excited to be here and ready to play!

Reid played two games on Saturday.  He played fairly well in the first game and he played the best I've ever seen him play in the second.  He was hustling and really trying.  The team ended up losing both games and Reid left the second one very mad and grouchy (maybe he does have some competitiveness in him after all).

Ryan did a good job staying entertained during the games but he was more than happy to get to go swimming at the hotel when they were over.  Reid (still grouchy) passed on the pool and went to the room to watch tv with Russ.

This guy did just fine as long as he was eating (chocolate mouth from the 2nd of his donuts.  He has become a bottomless pit.  He ate his way through the entire weekend!
First one in the hotel pool... he had a blast!

After swimming and dinner we went to a USHL hockey game.  The Cedar Rapids Rough Riders were playing Sioux Falls.  We saw a former Stover player and the boys had fun.  We left at the beginning of the third period, though, as Reid was getting tired and it was getting late.

Russ caught this sweet hat for Ryan that he LOVED :)
The whole team really got into the Gangnam style dance when they played the song
Sunday brought two more games and two wins for Reid's team.  The tournament had 4 teams and the team they played in the morning hadn't won yet either.  So, winning that game seeded Reid's team as #3 playing the same team again.  The second win gave them 3rd place in the tournament and a trophy and medals.  Reid was more than thrilled!

5-2 win for the 3rd place title

THAT'S a happy boy!

The drive home seemed to go pretty fast and we were again home just shortly after 8:00.  Aunt Courtney had been in town for the weekend so she had brought Ross back to our house so we didn't even have to go pick him up the next morning - awesome!

Russ drove to Des Moines and then I took the straight shot down I-35 home.
[This blog post has been brought to you by my brand new Mac computer.  I'm "new" to Mac and learning as I go but I'm pretty certain 'she' and I are going to have a great relationship!  I'm excited to be able to sit down and do a thing here or there without getting my laptop out.  I'm thrilled to be getting back into my scrapbooking habit and hopefully staying a bit more current and playing some catch up]

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