Thursday, May 16, 2013

A sure sign of summer break... SHORT hair and later bedtimes

I'm trying to get back into a rhythm of blogging so I can keep this more updated.

1. The boys got hair cuts last night.  They were ROTTEN with a capital R at the salon.  I don't know if it was exhaustion (field day, Reid soccer practice, 7:30 appt that turned into 8:00) or what but even Reid was slap stick silly.  Mom was running out of patience.  Ross went first and then dad came and got him and took him home for bath and bed. By the time we got home and Reid & Ryan showered it was a 9:15 bedtime.  Luckily I think things are pretty much winding down at school.

We went quite a bit shorter for summer... and of course the older two boys got their faux hawks that lasted the whole 15 minute car ride home before I made them wash their hair in the shower.

Yep, the boys are out of school NEXT week.  Ryan is done on Wednesday and Reid is done with a half day on Thursday.  Ross' last day at daycare is next Friday.  I've got a neighbor kid watching Reid and Ryan on Thursday and then I'm taking a vacation day on Friday and hoping to do something fun with them for the start of summer - no real plans yet.  FOUR day weekend for Memorial Weekend and then our summer nanny starts on Tuesday.  We've got a new girl and so far I think she's going to be great!

The summer schedule is starting to get jammed pack so I think it's going to fly by.  The boys have got the reading program at the library, Reid has a World War I and World War II class at JCCC, all three have swimming lessons, Reid & Ryan are taking a summer camp at the hockey rink (Ryan is just doing to off ice work), Reid and Ryan will both go to an Outdoor Education Laboratory camp at the end of summer and then we've got our family vacation from July 3 - 13.  A few days in Hannibal followed by a week in Branson.

So stay tuned... I love summer and I think this one is going to be great!

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