Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Field Day 2013

I've been very lucky to be able to work from home the majority of the last year.  I used the blow dryer on my hair today (although I'm still wearing a tank top and shorts) and looked better than I do most days.  Unfortunately, the boys (all three of them) will be home with a nanny this summer and I'm heading back into the office (at least for a while) to give them their space.

Nothing special but it's better than I usually look - HA!

Anyway, today I was able to sneak away from my home office to watch some of the boys' stations at their field day and then go back and watch the dunk tank as well.  Our field day is very well organized. There is a master schedule with 15 minute rotations through multiple stations that are operated and ran by the 5th grade class.  5th grade helpers are also assigned to each classroom to move them from station to station along with the class teachers.  Our PE teacher, counselor, and principal rotate through all of the stations overseeing the day.  I'm always amazed at how smoothly our school can put on an event.  Love our boys' elementary school!

I was able to see Ryan play one pin bowling and gold rush.  I watched Reid do some wacky game throwing and catching long polls as well as one pin bowling.  It was unseasonably warm here (especially given the lack of warm we've had lately) and the boys were hot, tired, and sweaty!

Ryan playing "Gold Rush"  They ran up a hill to a bucket full of sand and dug for rocks that were spray painted gold. Once they found one, they ran down the hill, placed it in a frisbee and the next person on their team went.

At the end of field day, our whole school sits on the lawn and watches as two dunk tanks (K-2 and 3-5) are operated.  Kids that reached a certain pledge level during our Lion Stampede fundraiser earn the right to either 'be dunked' or 'dunk a willing teacher'.  Ryan chose to dunk a teacher and dunked Mr O. Reid chose to be dunked.  Before the dunking began, Mr O (our principal) pulled two gotchas out of his box. [Lots of side notes today - but gotcha's are slips that kids get when they are caught doing something good.  They can put them in the gotcha box or save them to 'buy' things]  Reid's name was pulled out second and he also got to dunk our school janitor, Jose.

Reid must have "been" dunked right while Ryan was doing the dunking as I missed him.  But here are the shots from both of them doing their dunking.

Ryan dunking Mr. O
Reid dunking Jose, the day janitor
Ryan has 5 days of school left and Reid has 5.5 left.  Unbelievable that summer is almost here but I'm certainly ready for the easy mornings of just heading out the door and leaving breakfast, getting dressed and around, etc to the nanny.  I'm not sure I'm ready for the late bedtimes as that means I'll be getting to bed later too but I love that in the summer we spend most of our evening outside playing.

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