Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ryan's last day of School

Today is Ryan's last day of kindergarten.  My neighbor, Lori, was talking about how sad she was that it was Ava's last day today.  Oddly, I don't feel sad at all.  I'm ready for summer!  I'm excited that Ryan progressed so much in kindergarten and I'm looking forward to continue to watch him grow and mature.  (and honestly, I'm glad to not be paying $275/month for kindergarten anymore - ha!)

But seriously, Ryan certainly did have a great year!  Both of his teacher conferences went really well and we always got reports that he was well behaved.  His reading level really took off the second half of the year and he's proud of himself that he can figure out most words.

And, as certainly evidenced by his pictures, he has grown a TON this year.  He's wearing size 6/7 clothes which Reid is JUST growing out of.  He's 49 inches tall (Reid is 52.5) and weighs around 52 pounds (3 pounds less than Reid).  He is solid muscle (especially his chest) and is still full of energy.  Ryan does NOTHING at half speed.  If you tell him to go get something, he runs there.  If it's time for bed, he jumps into his bed.  He is slow to wake up in the mornings but once he gets going, he goes full speed until it's time to go to bed.

I'm so proud of Ryan and the boy he has grown into.  Just thinking about how much he has changed and matured over the last year makes me smile.

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