Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Weekend

I took Friday off to spend the day with Reid and Ryan before their official summer with our new nanny began. (Ross was at his last day of daycare)  That meant a 4 day weekend for me!!  I wanted to take them to Worlds of Fun but I mentioned the idea to Ryan and he wasn't real excited about it.  (and if Ryan doesn't want to do something, it's no fun for anyone else).  Reid wanted to go to Power Play (arcade) but I didn't want to shell out $40 to watch them play video games when they can do that at home for free.  SO... after a slow morning we decided to go swimming at the gym.  We were going to go around 3:00 but decided to wait until 3:30, pick up Ross and let him go to.  We swam for over two hours!!

Russ had driven Thursday night to pick up Uncle Scott from St Louis and didn't get back until around midnight - crazy!  They were tired.  They went to shoot in the morning and then took the afternoon to relax. They were planning to spend the day Saturday working on Russ' reloader.  Russ' back was also hurting him so I scheduled him a massage for Saturday afternoon.  I took the kids over to our neighborhood pool for a while.

Eventually I couldn't come up with anything else to keep the boys entertained as Russ & Scott were hanging out so I decided to hit the road for Holton.  Plus - Ross really needed a nap!

Out before we even hit the highway
A trip to Holton is never complete without going to Wal-Mart.  Ross talked me into this Superman cape!

I thought it would be fun to take the boys to the Topeka zoo (Ross has never been to a zoo).  We ended up playing at Aunt Cheri's house until bath time and decided to cook out at her house for lunch on Sunday as well.

They played together pretty well this weekend... they are going to be good friends (even if we make them)!

The adults sat around and talked while the kids just played.  Such a nice day!

Love this picture.  I did her hair that morning and she kept it up all day!

Uncle Jerry helped Reid fly a kite and he went up and sat on the hill and flew his kite.

Trouble in a red coupe car!

This was not an easy photo to capture!  Notice the chips, cookies and messy mouths :)
We drove home on Sunday evening - naptime again! We took grandma home from Aunt Cheri's and Ross was asleep before we were to grandma's house which is MAYBE a four minute drive.  He slept the whole way home and then another hour at home.

I think we wore them out - minutes after getting home.

Going on the second hour of his nap - exhausted!
It was so nice to have Monday off and recover from our fun weekend.  Russ took Scott home on Sunday and drove back so we were all home Monday with no plans.  The boys decided it was a good day for pajamas and robes.

Back to work on Tuesday and the boys start their summer with their nanny... stay tuned.

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