Friday, May 24, 2013

Reid & Ross' Last Days

So, I blogged about Ryan's last day on Wednesday.... Reid's last 1/2 day of school was on Thursday.  I had a crazy hectic day between going to Reid's award ceremony, getting into the office for two required meetings and then getting home to relieve the babysitter as Russ was heading out of town for the evening.  I had errands to run, dinner to do and I totally forgot that Reid had soccer practice and he didn't make it.  But... we survived the day and I think we're going to make it :)

Reid has really grown this year as well - more mentally than physically.  He is still about the same height, and maybe a little thinner... but he's getting MUCH more responsible and mature. He is pretty self sufficient in the mornings getting around for school which is a huge help to me. 

He's able to help out with more and more chores around the house and usually doesn't put up too much of a fight when I ask. He's a pretty darn good kid and we're so blessed to have him.

Here's his first and last day pictures for 3rd grade.  The stance and socks haven't changed a bit :)
 Ross also had his last day at daycare today.  I didn't take an end of school picture but we did get his spring school pictures back. I didn't have any intention of buying these but when we got the proofs I just couldn't help it - I loved them.  They always get you with the darn proofs!

This was my favorite, I just think his smile looks the most genuine here.

A little more serious here but I also thought it was a great picture.  There is a dot by his right eyebrow and it's on the digital image that I received as well so I'm trying to decide if it's worth a call to the photographer or not.  I think I paid $55 for these three images and the digital rights to them.

Ross' class picture.  Not the greatest picture but I got it for his preschool book.  Ms Demmi and Ms Laurie were Ryan's teacher's last year in his Pre-K class and they moved to this class this year.  We really like them, ESPECIALLY Ms Demmi (she was Ross' favorite and probably mine as well). Most of this class is turning 4 now so when Ross goes back to daycare in August, he'll actually be in a different class with kids that are closer to his age I believe.
So, a pretty quick post but I wanted to get these few picture updates out there.

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