Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bibarel, the Bitch Pokemon

I took Ryan along in the van to pick up Reid from a birthday party today. Reid had left his Nintendo DS in the van and Ryan was playing a Pokemon game on it. He's just recently began figuring out how to actually "play" the games. He excitedly told me that he had gotten the Fire Pokemon. I'm driving along just listening, "Good Job Ryan." A few minutes later he say "Hey, I just got the Bitch Pokemon too!" I didn't respond immediately. He continues on, talking to the DS now "I got you Bitch Pokemon." I had no clue what Pokemon he was trying to say so I just said "Good Job Ryan" and he continued on playing. I wanted to call someone and laugh about it so bad but I knew he'd be embarrassed.

Later that afternoon, Reid was laying on the living room floor playing the same game and Ryan was laying beside him watching. I was at the top of the stairs watching Ross play. I heard Ryan say to Reid "Hey, you got the bitch Pokemon too." Reid reacted sharply saying "Ryan that's not it's name, you shouldn't say that word. That's not nice." I'm not sure Ryan realized what Reid was even saying, as far as he knew that was the Pokemon's name. I hollered down at Reid and asked him what the Pokemon's name was. It was Bibarel.

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