Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Documenting our Chaos

As most of you are aware, I have scrapbooked for years. I have books and books of Reid's first four years of life. Then, the last couple of years I began to get WAY behind. With the three kid's and our crazy schedule I was only able to find 2 - 3 times to go to scrapbook events and never enough time at home to work on them. I have stacks of pages that I need to get dated and put in books. I have tons of pages I need to do. Oh, and I have a third child whose baby book isn't even 25% filled out (isn't that how it always goes)! I decided before the end of the year that I was just going to give up scrapbooking as a hobby. BUT... then Becky Higgins (oh my obsession with all things Becky!!) decided to develop a brand new kit that was created to make things simpler. Well, I'm going to work to get caught up but in a much simpler fashion.

My fabulous thoughtful husband (who loves to have the boys' lives documented just as much as I do) bought me Project Life for Valentine's Day... and gave it to me early! Project Life is a MUCH simpler way to document and scrapbook. I was so torn on whether to complete 2010 (which I have done nothing on), start 2011, or do Ross' first year. I decided that my kit would be for 2010 so I could get busy into it and finish it quickly. I am also starting a Project Life digital version for Ross' first year! So, two kits and my goal is to have them both DONE by June 1!! Then I'm going to start on one for 2011!

As with the Becky Higgins tradition, I had to get a picture of myself with my Project Life box. I had no clever ideas and I was ready to tear into it so I just asked Reid to snap a photo of me. He didn't do so bad!

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