Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In

Ok, I can not get this picture to rotate the appropriate way... and after dealing with an insurance company all day (I digress)... I am done trying!

BUT I am thrilled to report that I weighed in at 165.6. I was NOT expecting a 2.2 pound decrease this week. I HAVE been working out super hard but my diet has been horrible. I REALLY enjoyed myself for the Super Bowl. I had quite a spread (for just our family) and I enjoyed it all thoroughly.

Russ and I have been doing P90X consistently for 2.5 weeks now and I am already seeing differences! We're doing P90X in the mornings (starting around 4:30/4:45 people - that is dedication!) and then I have been sticking with my running schedule over noon times and on Saturdays. I try to run 3 - 4 days per week. I'm on target for 22 miles this week if I stick with my plan. (we'll see). I can feel that the extra weight training is definitely helping in my clothing sizes and with my running speed.

I decided to go ahead and post my pictures from today. I'm at 7.2 pounds now. I can't "see" a difference yet but these are size 10 pants... and they are fitting a tad better... more work to do of course! (and I didn't wash my weigh in shirt this week). That's Hamad in the picture. I have one from last year with him in it too - he's got a secret love for my camera!

This was a horrible hair day. My hair is driving me NUTS these days. Because I'm working out twice a day I am usually showering two or three times a day and I wash my hair every time I shower which I've read is not good for it. I'm thinking about trying some dry shampoo... anyone ever tried it??? Please let me know if you like it! It's hard not to wash your hair after a four mile run because I sweat... A LOT!

Carmen: -1.31% ($8 in my pocket! I haven't done the math but I think I'm up like $10 overall on this challenge)
The Cheater: -0.96% (She's still 0.6 less than me)
Mrs Consistent: -0.35%
Nancy Nazarene: 0.15%
The Lone Male: 0.41%

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