Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowpocalypse Part II

During morning naps Wednesday Russ and I bundled up to go tackle the shoveling. We hadn't touched it all day Tuesday. I got a message Wednesday morning from our neighbor across the street that we had a huge drift against our garage door. When we opened the doors, this is what we saw:

It's hard to tell just how much snow is there but this is what it looked like when I cleared one path:

We shoveled and shoveled. It took us over and hour to get our drive clear and the sidewalk leading up to our front porch. We never finished our sidewalk by the street. This view of our sidewalk to the front door shows how much snow we shoveled well:

The first pic I took when we went outside was time stamped with 9:49 and these last few pics were from 10:57. I went inside to check on the older boys and to wake Ross up and Russ stayed out for another 15 minutes or so cleaning up a bit.

The older boys had done a GREAT job playing together. They got out this race track and all of their match box cars by themselves and were playing so nicely with it.

Since Tuesday and Wednesday had been spent in pajamas with pretty much no exercise I told the boys that after lunch they could go outside to play. They ate good lunches and we bundled them up. Russ went up to take a nap himself (that shoveling killed his back) and I played with Ross for a while. The boys were in and out of the house no less than 8 times. I was getting so annoyed but they needed help with their gloves, snow in their faces and they wanted to tell me all about what they were doing. Finally I laid Ross down for his afternoon nap and I went out to see what they had done. I put on a coat but nothing else... smart, huh? Russ had piled a large mound of snow up against our third garage door in front of Hockey Ross' jeep. Ross had left for practice and the boys were using that mound to build a fort. They had a pretty good size hole dug so I helped them dig it out more and make it bigger so they could climb in. We got it big enough that one person could fit all the way in it laying down or both could kind of squish in it sitting up. They were excited! Here are the best shots of their fort that I got:

I should have zoomed back and got one good overall shot but it really was cool. This morning when we were pulling out to go to daycare they were excited that it was still there. I'm not sure where they thought it was going to go... with the temps at -6... eek!

Anyway, school was cancelled again today due to the frigid temps so they are all at Bether's house and she said they are having a great day. School is out tomorrow for a professional day but I haven't decided what the plan will be. Next week they only have school three days due to conferences.

Well, I'm thoroughly sick of snow pictures now. I'm ready to post some pictures of the boys out riding their bikes on dry streets with the sun beating down!!!

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