Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Weigh in came, the weigh in went...

and I'm at the bottom of the heap. Luckily I was only up one pound - it should have been much worse given my week. Basically I have made no progress in three weeks now. I'm heading to DC to see my BFF this weekend and trust me, I DESERVE this trip so all promises of doing better the next week are going to have to wait a week! I'm skipping my long run, I'm eating what I want, etc etc. I'm going to party it up until next Wednesday and then I think I'll do something drastic... stay tuned!

p.s. - This has been a stressful week for me so I didn't even want to weigh in today; however, I knew that wasn't fair to my partners in crime as SOMEONE deserved my $2 so I weighed in but I didn't bring my camera or get any pictures. I promise a new better mood next week :)

The Results:
Nancy Nazarene: -0.08%
The Cheater: 0.12%
Mrs Consistent: 0.12%
The Lone Male: 0.53%
Carmen: 0.60%

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