Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our snow fort

Sunday afternoon I told the boys that they were going to go outside in the afternoon and play while Ross took his afternoon nap. Of course Ryan was thrilled with the idea and Reid only took a little prodding to get into the idea. I told them that after I got Ross laid down that I would come outside and play with them.

I bundled up and went out. We started with building snow men but the snow was HEAVY and I couldn't get the pieces lifted up very well. We decided to make a snow fort. For some reason I actually really got into making the fort with the boys. I was digging it out and they kept wanting it bigger and bigger so all three of us could fit in it. Russ looked out the window from his office and saw us doing it. He was sneaky and came down the driveway (in SHORTS) and took pictures of us. I didn't even notice him I was so into working on our fort :)

Once all three of us could fit into it our plan was to hide in it and scare Hockey Ross when he got home. He was at the gym working out. We were out in the yard fooling around when his jeep came down the street and we all three ran for the fort and hid (I'm sure he saw us). When he got out of the jeep the boys jumped out and ran for him.

Finally, I made the boys go inside to warm up some. It was actually not "that" cold... I think in the 20s but the boys had been out for almost two hours and I had been out for at least 90 minutes and I was DONE. I decided I was counting that as my second workout for the day :)

Funny side story - Reid and I were laying inside the fort digging out the snow and Reid says "You know, I feel like the luckiest kid in the whole world." I thought he was going to go on and say because I was making him a fort or something similar so I asked "Yeah, why is that?" Reid says, "Well you know some people got dads that are robbers or other bad things." Yep, that's true - some kids did.

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