Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Snowpocalypse Summary

Well, it's late Wednesday afternoon... we've been dealing with "this" winter storm since Monday... I'm DONE! The littles ARE going to daycare tomorrow and I'm PRAYING that Reid has school. If he doesn't he might be going to daycare too. I am going into the office. I need out of this house! Also, I need to RUN... badly. I'm not crazy enough to run outside in this so I will be hitting the gym over lunch tomorrow.

Anyway, the drizzle and freezing rain started on Monday afternoon. I left work around noon and picked up the littles from daycare before their naps. We've been in the house since then (I did get out today to pick up lunch). The kids have not left... or bathed! (Well, Ross did 'play' in the tub). Seriously, we have been vegging! Ryan is currently wearing a blue camo long underwear shirt with spongebob boxer shorts - that's it. Reid is wearing a green camo long underwear shirt with white long underwear pants that have a huge hole in the crotch. Ross has on his camo long underwear pajamas that he wore to bed last night. I have not showered. See... we need to get out of this house and become part of the world again!!

Besides the freezing rain, we didn't get much snow on Monday so on Tuesday I decided to chronicle the storm through pictures. I turned the time stamp on my camera and took pictures out my front door during the day.

7:21 am

9:19 am

11:15 am

1:50 pm (the heating and cooling van is just my neighbor's that are finishing their basement, no one was without heat)

4:40 pm (can't get the front door open now because of a huge drift on our front porch)

8:23 pm (Russ had me go look in the garage. This is our backdoor to our backyard. We had not opened it all day, this snow had just blown through the cracks)

We went to bed Wednesday night knowing that school was cancelled. We skipped our Wednesday morning workout and slept in until 7!

Russ made himself some breakfast...

Reid played DS for at least an hour...

And Ryan and Ross did a whole lot of this...

Part II... later today

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