Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 months old...

Well, I didn't forget the day but this one wasn't largely celebrated! Baby Ross turned four months old on Wednesday. It has been a rough week at the McDowell house. Our daycare lady hurt her back over the weekend and had to close for the week. On top of doing the shuffle with the kids and the jobs, Ross got his first tooth... and its been painful for all of us involved. Oddly enough, he's not getting one of his front teeth, it's one of the bigger ones towards the back, lower left side. It officially poked through Saturday night while staying at Grandma Cella's house (Ryan got his first tooth at grandma's house too). I felt it Sunday and it's kept coming out more and more each day. On Monday I stayed home with the boys and Ross had an "ok" day, Tuesday and Wednesday he was with dad, and Thursday he was with me. Tuesday was the worst day of all. He was very upset in the morning and in the evening, although we did get him to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon by putting him in the car and sending him off to work with me. Wednesday night we got some Orajel and some baby teething dissolve tablets (MAGIC in a bottle)... he's done really well since we got them and has got some good solid two hour naps in today!

Ross' four month appointment is actually on Tuesday so I'll post more on his stats next week but he sure has grown. He's wiggling on the floor and rolling a bit from side to side but no rolling over yet. He is starting to sit in his exersaucer with a little more control and he has started rice cereal in the evenings. He's not in love with the cereal yet but he does manage to get a few bites down and he does sleep better on the evenings he eats it well.

This was the best picture I got but of course it's blurry because I was having to work to get the smiles :)

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