Thursday, February 25, 2010

A good day... except one little bump

On Thursday Owen from Ryan and Ross' daycare came to play at our house (and Ryan is going to Owen's house on Friday while Ross goes to work with me). He is almost 16 months old and the happiest, sweetest guy ever. Ryan was pretty helpful bossing him around :) but they played pretty good by each other's sides (I wouldn't say "together").

Are these not the most adorable eyes ever!! Full, long eyelashes and bright blue eyes... ADORABLE!

They ate breakfast together, then we colored a bit, and then played in the living room. After Ross woke up from his nap, they played in Ryan's room while Ross took a bath and I switched some laundry. We ate lunch and then Ross went down for nap #2 and the boys played in the basement while I ran on the treadmill. Owen loved the basement toys (Sara - coupe car and grocery cart if he doesn't have them yet).

The boys started acting tired so they went down for early naps (12:45ish). At around 1:30 Ross woke up and I was getting him and Owen started crying so I went in there. He was looking around the room like he was scared so I sat on the floor by him feeding Ross and rubbing Owen's back. Owen fell asleep so I started to sneak out but managed to hit Ross' head on the door jam as I was leaving (Yep, I sure did... nice one MOM). Ross screamed and Owen woke up crying again. I carried both boys down stairs crying - it was quite comedic as I think they were crying at each other crying - and that was my arms workout for the day :)

I put Ross in the swing and held Owen for a while and he fell back asleep so I just laid him on the living room floor with me. He looked up at me a couple of times and then went back sound asleep.

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