Monday, February 8, 2010

We got off work early on Friday to beat the traffic home as it was snowing... AGAIN! This was a heavy wet snow and it was 32 degrees so it wasn't too brutal cold. I picked up the boys and when we got home Russ was out shoveling the driveway off. The boys wanted to help him so they got their little red shovels out and went to work. After a while Ryan got bored with shoveling and he and dad starting making a snowman - which Ryan has wanted to do all winter. This was a good snow for it! I got out the snowman kit that grandma Cella got us years ago and my camera. By now I was cold and not interested in helping :) A snowbunny I am not! I long for the days of shorts and tanktops, bike riding, driveway socializing with neighbors... but I digress.

They made their snowman and even posed for some great pictures for me!! Ryan and I headed in after a while and Reid and dad stayed out a while longer to play. (Reid did drop one red shovel down the sewer - darn it - and even wanted me to climb down and get it for him... No, I did not!)

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