Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy "early" Birthday Hockey Ross!

Hockey Ross turns 18 years old this Saturday! Of course this Saturday is one of those days where we have a million things going on. Russ and I have plans Saturday night and the boys are going out of town to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Sharp so we planned an early celebration with Ross last night.

The night before I had given him the option of going out to eat Prime Rib on Wednesday, me cooking anything he wanted on Thursday (shocking he didn't pick that, huh), or ordering pizza or something else on Thursday. He said he didn't care... naturally (this kid is EASY GOING!) but we eventually got out of him that he thought prime rib sounded good. We ended up deciding that I would hit the gym and take Ross and Ryan with me while Russ and Reid took Hockey Ross to the Hereford House. I could pass up steak any night... just not my thing.
Funny story though... Ross doesn't request much. He has his list of "wants" in the pantry - Gatorade, orange juice, choc. flavored pop-tarts, and choc chip granola bars. He eats whatever we have for dinner with no complaints and never requests much so I always try to have these few "staples" on hand for him. If we ask if there is anything he ever wants he's always just fine with anything. I sent him a text from work yesterday asking what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday - cheesecake, ice cream cake, regular cake, etc... He responded back that he wanted a cookie cake (double cookie with icing in the middle)! It was so funny that he knew exactly what he wanted! Ryan and I skipped on over to Sam's Club and got just that!
Here's a picture of Ross blowing out the candles on his cake last night. Isn't it nice that he's turning 18 but will still partake in this for us so the boys could really enjoy it with him! We sang him Happy Birthday, he blew out the candles and then we dug in! Reid turned down the sweets (he's Russ' son) but Ryan had double (yep, I wanted to also).

Our time with Hockey Ross is slowly coming to an end. The Stovers have less than two months of their season left. It is going to be so weird having to say goodbye. My only regret about having Ross at our house is that I truly wish the boys were a little older when they were around him. I hope they remember the character that he has! I hope that he will stay in touch with us and come back to visit us over the years. We have housed many great "guys" over the years of housing Stover players and I rank Ross right up there at the top. I'm glad to have such a great role model in the house for our boys.
Happy Birthday Hockey Ross!!!!

(I have no idea what Ryan was doing with his face... but it's kind of funny)

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