Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Classic... Atoms Style

I should have asked Russ to guest author this blog for me because I've got a bunch of really neat looking photos but I'm finding myself at a loss for words. I'll do my best here.
Reid had an end of the season tournament this weekend at the Carriage Club in KC. It is an outdoor rink up by the plaza. The rink itself is pretty neat, being outside, but it was COLD! He played Saturday night in the 40s which wasn't too bad. Russ and Reid went to that game while I stayed home with Ross and Ryan. On Sunday, Grandma Cella came down to stay with the little two so I could go watch Reid's last games. He played two games in 20 degree weather. He was one of very few kids on the team that weren't either crying or complaining that they were too cold. He didn't think it was that bad... but mom did! I'm pretty sure I could have thrown a few temper tantrums standing on the side and watching but it was really fun to see. The team has come so far from their first few games. Reid kind of just skated around his first couple of games trying not to fall down, which he did a lot. Now, he gets the game more and is getting much more aggressive. He likes to play goalie and defense so dad has been working with him and talking with him on strategy and where to position on the ice depending on where the play is, etc.

Our entire team likes to play goalie at the moment so they all take turns. Reid seems to get plenty of turns playing it and really does attack the puck when the play is there. Here's an action shot of him in goal:

Here is an action shot of Russ dropping the puck for a face off. Russ is one of the more "active" coaches. Our team has FOUR dads on the ice skating around during the games. As you can see in the pictures, some hang back more than others. Russ tries to skate along telling the kids where they should be in position as well as keeping the puck in play, etc. Such a good coach!!

Reid's pretty easy to spot in this photo - he's right in the action. He's got the white helmet. There are too kids on Reid's team with white helmets - #46 (Reid) and #16. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of a white helmet and a 6 and then I have to do a double take to see if it is Reid or not.

Here are some action shots of Reid that really require no explanation:

I'm not sure that he scored on this but here is a great shot of Reid right in there trying to score a goal.

Here's one of Reid lined up and dad right there with him helping him watch the play and stay focused.
It was a good season. Reid and Russ had a lot of fun. I'm not sure if Russ has decided whether to continue coaching as Reid moves up in the leagues. There is a short spring season that goes mid-March to mid-May and I think we're still undecided on whether Reid is playing in that. He'll have soccer going on at that time too. He will be taking at least one hockey camp this summer that will be ran by Coach Ferschweiler... he will think that is pretty cool!

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