Friday, February 5, 2010


So, I haven't quite crossed the line and decided to do Project 365 (for my scrapbooking friends). I HAVE to get my normal scrapbooks caught up before I take on any new project... but I do enjoy seeing other's POTD (Picture of the Day). I LOVE Becky Higgins and her ideas on how to document life in a non-traditional way. SO, for the heck of it (and because I'm getting kind of attached to my camera lately), I took this picture today. This is a view that I see A LOT of in my day. My round trip to work is at least an hour (and sometimes longer with traffic). And on a few days, I do that trip twice a day. I could drive 15 minutes to work but we made the decision FIVE and a half years ago not to switch day care providers when we moved and I still haven't had the heart to. We were very close last summer... and then we were blessed with Ross and I couldn't imagine anyone except our "Bether" watching him. So, this is the view in my van - yes, the maintenance light is on - I need an oil change! Yes, the air pressure light is on - it always is! And yes, the light is green - but it had JUST turned and I put my camera away quickly :) So, this is a huge part of my days and I don't regret the sacrifices that I sometimes personally have to make to make sure that my kids are well cared for, safe, and loved every day that I am at work. We don't tell Beth enough how much we love her and feel blessed that she has helped care for our kids for over 6 years now. All three boys are with her today as Olathe schools are out today (some professional day).
Oh, and if you hadn't noticed - it's snowing... AGAIN! I'm SOOO done with winter. I have running club at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Am I hard core enough to go run in this... not a chance! I'll be at the gym doing a cycle class... and that's okay too!

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