Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Party Success!

Ryan got invited to his first solo birthday party. He's been to a couple for mutual friends of his and Reid's but he's never been invited to one by himself. He had been excited for the day ever since he got the invitation but I was still questioning how he would do. I was expecting him to be shy and make me follow him everywhere. I expected that he'd be hiding behind my legs and whining through the whole night. I was pleasantly surprised!! He had a fabulous time. He played solo, he ran, he left my side (and came back many times). I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Ryan kept wanting me to take his picture but I couldn't get him to stand still for many so I have about 20 pictures that look like this:

But I also got some great ones:

I hadn't fed him dinner before because the invitation said pizza... but the pizza wasn't until AFTER an hour of play at 7:00 - oops. He was STARVING. He ate a slice of cheese pizza and a cupcake in about 30 seconds and he didn't leave a crumb. He even had popcorn when we got home from the party.

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