Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to start cereal with an infant

Simple Disclaimer: I'm not really an expert on feeding an infant cereal, I just thought it would be a cute way to write up my blog. Although, after having three boys now, I can honestly say that this method works for me.

Ross has not been sleeping well. He got up three times a night almost every night last week. I typically start my kids on rice cereal around the time they turn four months old and it always helps them to sleep a little better. Since Ross is turning four months old in 11 days, I decided on Saturday night that we would start some cereal. Here's our process:

Step One: Make sure that you have a single grain cereal on hand. I believe rice is a good one to start with. Do not use the pre-mixed baby food jar type of rice cereal yet- it is too thick for starters. Pick a night that is relaxed, not rushed, and you can be patient with your baby. I prefer to start feeding my babies at night time so I have a little extra time and can take advantage of the full belly to help get some extra sleep at night.

Step two: Make a bottle and feed your baby half of what he usually eats or enough that he is still a little hungry but satisfied enough that he's not going to get frustrated because he's hungry.

Step three: Pour some flakes into a bowl with an infant spoon. The best spoons are small tipped and completely rubber, semi-flexible and soft.

Step four: Dump the remainder of the bottle into the flakes so that the consistency of the rice cereal is very runny. (As your baby gets used to eating you can make the cereal thicker but this will make it easier for him to catch on).

You do NOT need to make that much cereal. The serving that I have made in the step four picture is enough to feed several infants, I just had a helper and made a bit too much.

Now take your time and feed your baby. Most of what goes in will continue to come out. Use the spoon to clean up his mouth with everything that keeps coming out and stick it back in. He won't eat "much" but he will continue to swallow some with each spoonful. Continue to feed him until he gets bored, frustrated, or uninterested and then give it a rest until the next night.

I had a helper Saturday night... not an essential step but I wanted to share the picture :)

All cleaned up and happy. Ross swallowed more than I expected and was happy through the whole "meal". After he ate his cereal, he nursed and went to bed. I'm happy to report that he went to bed somewhere around 8:00 and slept until 1:30. He only got up ONE time Saturday night. I woke him up at 6:00 to feed him before I left for a run and he then slept again until after 9:00. Great night!

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catherine said...

we put it directly into E's bottle at night and seemed to work well and much less mess! Probably not such a good idea if you are nursing...but if you figure it out let me know so i can take pics for national enquirer! ;)