Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Countdown continues

On Friday night Russ and Reid were off to hockey practice and I didn't have a good plan for the countdown event so I went simple...

Day 9 - Choose your own dinner.

Relinquishing control is always a huge hit. The boys immediately hit the pantry (man, this picture gives me a huge goal for 2011... I could use some organization in the pantry, big time!)

I expected Ryan to say he wanted ice cream for dinner since I hear that A LOT but he didn't. He ended up with shells n cheese, cookie cereal , raisins, and popcorn. Ross went with everything that Ryan wanted. They both ate pretty well.

After we finished our dinners we FINALLY got the decorations on our upstairs tree.

Saturday was one of our family favorites.

Day 10 - Toys for Tots donations.

Saturday morning we took the boys to Walgreens to pick out some toys. They actually understood pretty well that they toys were not for them but for other kids. That didn't stop them from asking for things for themselves or saying they wanted the same thing they were picking out, but we had no problems with them not wanting to give up the toys that they picked out. We got six toys at Walgreens and I had picked up six barbies and dolls at Target the day before. We drove down to Nebraska Furniture Mart where we knew the Marines would be collecting so the boys could actually see a Marine while dropping off their toys.

Neither of the boys would stand by the marine to get their picture taken but Russ did for me :)

The rest of our day was pretty lazy as we didn't have anything else planned. That night we watched a movie and snuggled on the living room floor with popcorn (of course).

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