Friday, December 9, 2011

Two more days down...

I know, I know... I missed blogging a day. Yesterday went by really fast, work was busy and I had to get pictures from my photographer (ok, Russ' phone... we forgot our camera Wednesday night).

Wednesday night (Day 7 - Drive through Jingle Bell Lane). I had bought a deal online for $6 (regular price $12) to drive your car through a new Christmas lights display. It said it was over a half mile long and was pretty close to our house so I thought I'd try it out. It was at the Great Plains Mall (should have been my first clue). It ended up to be pretty janky... half of the light structures that were supposed to blink weren't working and all you did was basically weave through a parking lot trying to follow signs with arrows on them that weren't lit up. I was not impressed at all. Luckily, our kids didn't know any better so they liked it and were pleased with the outing.

Ryan loves the Grinch who Stole Christmas so this was his favorite display...

The advertisement had said that at the end you drove under a tunnel... the lit arches weren't quite the tunnel I was expecting but the boys liked it.

It was a quicker night than last year when we took the kids, Hockey Ross, and Tyler Hanzlik to see the plaza lights and ended up not being able to find anywhere to eat, driving for what seemed like hours and then ending up at a Culver's.

There was a tanker truck tipped over on the exit ramp by the mall and about 400 emergency vehicles which proved to be the most exciting part of the night for the adults...

On the way home we went through a McDonald's drive through and bought cookies for the boys and bought cookies for the car behind us. I'm not sure they are catching on to what we're trying to teach them about Christmas but we're sure trying!! Which leads me right into last night.

Day 8 - Take dinner to some friends

We have some friends (a couple from my hometown) who are dealing with some major medical issues. He has PKD and is in kidney failure. His wife was supposed to donate her kidney and they actually stopped the transplant just as they were getting ready to transplant... SO... they already had her opened up. Their last cross match didn't work and they cancelled the surgery. So, she was recovering from a major operation and he's still in failure as they test other family and friends to try and find a new match. It's been one hurdle after another. So, we took them over some white chicken chili soup and brownies for our activity last night. The boys were pretty good in there house but we didn't stay too long. (no pictures)

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