Tuesday, December 6, 2011

May your heart be filled with kindness...

I have writer's block today. But for documentation purposes I'm going to continue on with updating the blog...

Day 5 - Read books by the fireplace

Our kids love to read books and any chance to pull the pillows/cushions off the couch and they are excited! Last night was a hit with all of the boys. We did the evening in shifts as Reid and Russ had a boy scouts meeting. While Russ and Reid were at boy scouts Ryan, Ross and I set up the pillows and got out every Christmas book that we could find. We turned on the fireplace and read and read... and read. I think the final count was eight books. Ross is used to us reading him books in his rocking chair so he wanted to sit on me so he spent most of his time jumping on my stomach if he wasn't hitting Ryan or biting him... so he did spend several trips in timeout:

Had to send this picture to Grandma Linda's new phone so she had a picture... at least time out is pretty when the tree is on :)

Russ and Reid got home from boy scouts as our reading was wrapping up so Russ read MORE books to Ross in his room and put him to bed while I read one more book to Ryan in his bed and then worked on his weekly sight words.

Funny story during sight word practice. The word was 'to' so I explained that it wasn't the number two but like 'let's go to the store.'. Next was 'may'. I said like 'May I have a glass of water?' He says' 'oh, like may your heart be filled with kindness'.... Such a shocker from him, loved it!

Once we had the younger boys in bed then I snuggled up by the fireplace again and this time Reid and I took turns reading chapters for twenty minutes.

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