Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Program

This pretty much sums up my last week:

And, to be honest, that's not even all of it because this picture is BEFORE we got the call that Ryan's culture came back positive for strep after the rapid test was negative. So, after the call about Ryan I took Reid and Ross to get checked too. Reid's test was negative and they didn't do one on Ross because he had a horrible ear infection so got antibiotics for that. So, add an antibiotic for Ryan and Ross to the pile.

SO... nothing for the week has gone "perfectly" but we're managing.

The call on the positive strep test came as we were planning to eat dinner before heading out to the little boys' Christmas program. After a quick minute clinic run, we went to the program.

Ross' class was dressed as Christmas trees:

He did a great job. He kind of just walked all over the stage checking things out. It was pretty cute.

Ryan's class wore dress up clothes. Honestly, I had such a rotten week that I didn't take the time to make sure Ryan had something decent to wear. I found this outfit and called it good... The shirt came untucked, the back of the tie was tied longer than the front but he had a good time. My standards were pretty low that night.

Should have gotten a picture of Grandpa & Grandma Sharp since they drove down to see the program with us... but, like I said, I've not exactly been on my game as of late.

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