Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let the countdown begin...

Tonight we started our annual Christmas countdown. Any doubt that I had about the boys enjoying this process as much as I do was put to rest when they saw our advent box sitting on the island when they got home. Both Reid and Ryan were just excited to see it. Reid came in from school and said "I knew this was going to be out tonight".

We opened the first door after dinner.

Day 1 - Go to the Olathe Public Library and see a working model train display.

Some local hobbyists had a couple of model trains set up at the library and were showing the kids how they operate. The boys all found it interesting. Cheap. easy. fun. After we had watched the trains for a while (idk, 10 - 15 minutes) we let the boys play with the puzzles and toys in the kids section of the library before leaving and heading home.

Ross enjoyed the trains as well... he just wanted to touch everything so we spent time shuffling him back and forth and keeping him busy.

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