Sunday, January 16, 2011

My three sons... and our night out on the town

I wanted to document most of this just so I would remember this night - the boys and I had a good time and made some great memories, good and bad...

Russ had plans with his best bud, Mike McConnell, tonight. McConnell recently found out that he has colon cancer and Russ wanted to spend some time with him just hanging out. They were going to watch a football game and drink a couple of beers. Being the home-body that Russ is, he preferred to watch the game at home (quieter) and drink beers at home (cheaper). So, Russ went out to eat with Mike and I got the boys around (woke baby up from his nap) for a night out with mom. I typically think I can handle anything with the three boys so I was up for the challenge.

When I went in to wake up Ross he was laying on his back with his eyes wide open but he did not react to me at all. Then he saw me and acted surprised and stood up, but shaking. He was having a hard time actually waking up so we left with one very crabby baby. He came around in the van and I took the boys to Monkey Bizness for some open play. They were CROWDED when we got there. Adults standing everywhere and tons of kids. I talked to the older two about the areas they could go in and not to leave without coming to me. I went in the toddler area with Ross and then we took trips out to check on the older boys. The boys played for an hour and 45 mins and they played HARD! Ryan's face was bright red and he was sweaty. Ross climbed, slid and played until he was just pooped (well, mostly hungry). There was one slide that he could stand up on and see all of the birthday balloons and he stood up there and said "boon" about 100 times.

We left Monkey Bizness to go find some dinner. I told the boys that I would take them to Red Robin but there were three of them and only me so they had to be really good. I told Reid that he had to be the man of the table. He asked me if we could pretend that he was the dad so I told him that was fine. To make Ryan happy, we were pretending that he was the oldest kid. They both seemed to think this was a good idea. It worked pretty well too! (mom 1, kids 0) When they got out of the car I got Ross out and Reid held Ryan's hand through the parking lot (never happens). Then when we got our menus they both circled what they wanted and ordered all by themselves. Ryan ordered 'lemons* and mac n cheese' (*melons - cantaloupe). Reid ordered spaghetti and mandarin oranges. We got a basket of fries almost immediately and Ryan had a little fit because they were so hot. Then when we got our food he had a big fit because his mac n cheese was too hot. He ate all of his cantaloupe and I ordered another side of it because Ross was loving it too. Ryan never touched his mac n cheese.

Towards the end of our meal Ross was starting to get unsettled and Ryan had to go to the bathroom so we went in there to go. On the way back Ross was 'tooting' quite a bit. When we sat down to sign our check he was throwing a HUGE fit. I think he had some more toots stuck - his tummy was really bothering him. He was arching his back and nothing would make him happy. The waitress came over and asked 'is there anything I can do to help mom out?' Deciding not to punch her, we grabbed our stuff and got out of there - screaming baby in tow. I didn't even put Ross or I's coat on. We grabbed our balloons and hit the van (and I couldn't even get Ross excited about the 'boon'. As we're getting in the van, Ryan asks "Are we going to go home and eat dinner now?" I'm not sure what he thought we'd been doing for the last half hour at Red Robin!!

Finally Ross settled down. and we decided to head to return a movie and some library books. On the way there Ryan says all nonchalantly to me "bad guys are a son of a bitch." I just said... "well, bad guys are bad, but let's not say that word." That kid cracks me up - earlier in the day he popped off with a "God Damn It Ross." I think mom and dad need to start watching our mouths a bit closer :) As we were running our errands we got a text from Russ that McConnell had left and he was missing his family. As much as he wanted time with his buddy - he kept texting us to check on us too :) We finished our errands and headed home. After some playing around with balloons, bouncy balls and reading books the boys were in bed shortly after 8:00 without a complaint!

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