Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Ok, weigh in down. I'm trying to go with 'satisfied' as my reaction although I didn't win so it's hard for me. I'm not happy for sure. Down 0.6 pounds and I worked HARD this week. Ok, yes, I cheated some so I should be glad for the down. Next week if I get to 166 I earn a facial and I haven't got my pedicure from 169 so I might just throw them together and do a little spa trip!! :)

Since I'm a numbers gal, here are a few numbers:

22 - Days until I go to DC to see my BFF
65 - Days until Rock the Parkway Half Marathon
6 - Pounds I am down from the date we started at work (new pics of me when I hit 10 pounds, we'll see if we can notice a difference yet).
7 - number of Reese's peanut butter cups in my freezer from Christmas (is it sad that I know this?)
0 - peanut butter ghosts left in my freezer that my sister left at my house
100 - ounces of water I plan to drink today

Ok, that's all for today. Here are the team results from our third weigh in:

Mrs Consistent: -0.69%
Carmen: -0.36%
The Cheater: -0.35% (lost the same pounds as me, but I'm a very tad smaller)
Nancy Nazarene: 1.09%
The Lone Male: out this week (sick kid)

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