Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ok, I know the title might be a BIT over the top but I was so excited this morning. My one goal this week was to beat "the Cheater". Last week this girl weighed in with her jacket on so she would be higher in weight so my biggest goal was to beat HER, whom Russ and I have now dubbed the Cheater. Well, she lost 2 lbs for a percentage of 1.25%. I lost 3 lbs for a percentage of 1.74%. Not only did I beat HER, I beat EVERYONE. I earned $8 as the week's biggest loser!

Of course my first instinct was... "phew, now I should just give myself today to relax and then get back on target" but anyone that watches the Biggest Loser knows that the 2nd week is ALWAYS the hardest. So, I'm staying focused! I was rushed this morning and did not grab or plan my lunch - not good for someone staying focused AND it's freezing outside (literally). So, I went down to the work cafeteria hoping I could be good... and I was! They had almond crusted tilapia that came with a side of cooked carrots and rice with pineapple and mandarin oranges in it. It was actually pretty good. The southwest turkey wrap with sweet potato fries is what REALLY sounded good but with the fries and the sauce it was definitely double the calories.

So, I sit at 169.8, less than a pound from my pedicure reward. This week I earned my 5 new iPod songs! So, this weeks goal is to lose at LEAST one whole pound. It sounds easy but I know after a 3 pound week that it won't be super easy. Additionally, our running group does not meet this Saturday so it's going to take a lot of work to get some good miles in. I have been exercising pretty good but I usually do anyway - I'm trying to keep my focus on making better food choices.

So, I guess that's it for this week. I have to go pick out my iPod songs now! :)

Results - Week 1
Carmen: -1.74%
The Cheater: -1.25%
Mrs Consistent: -0.91%
The Lone Male: -0.65%
Nancy Nazarene: 1.17%

* Side goal as well: I am the smallest by 3.5 pounds but The Cheater, Mrs Consistent and I are all within 5 pounds of each other so my goal is to never let one of them get lower than I am. Petty? Maybe... but you know I like competition.

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suzanne said...

You rock!!! Way to go, Carmen.